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I work with individuals in private spiritual coaching sessions.

If you have chosen to live a more conscious life, choosing loving, caring, meditation practices and moving your spiritual inner awareness, it is very common for all of your “junk”,  inner limitations, old belief systems, learned habit patterns passed down for generations, internal resistances, external forces, and karmas to surface and seem to impede or challenge you from acting in line with the spiritual truth you know in your heart and that you’ve been attempting to live by.

If you recognize this experience, and are ready to be supported in moving through the challenges and in having more of what you truly want in your life, then having someone who has been through it can be really helpful.

What kind of work will I be doing with you in our private sessions?

Finding Altitude

Sometimes you are stuck in a situation that you can’t see beyond and I can offer you opportunities and methods to see above the karma. The awareness alone can sometimes be all that is needed to clear it or give you the next step forward.

Building Inner Strength

It is possible for a situation that you don’t like and don’t want to be in is actually for your greatest spiritual fulfilment and inner strengthening. It becomes important from a spiritual perspective for you to have to go through a tough situation. I can help you identify this, and give you support as well as techniques to help you get through it.

Upgrading Bad Habits

When your habits and patterns of control are no longer working for you in getting what you want, I can offer practical and very simple tools you can implement to overcome and move on from those things which are no longer working. My spiritual teacher, John-Roger, used to say, “If someone asks what I’m doing, tell them I’m working on my bad habits.” 

Consciousness Mirroring

Often how you see yourself and/or your situation is colored by your own limiting beliefs. I provide a clearer reflection, not just of what you are saying and your underlying beliefs, but also of your higher wisdom and higher self, so that you have the opportunity to awaken to the truth beyond your own limitations.

Light Consciousness Listening

The level of consciousness from which one listens is a key factor in the experience of the one being listened to. To see clearly, it is necessary to see beyond the upset and disturbance. Light Consciousness Listening gives an energetic space where your upset and disturbance can be dissipated. I share a story below about how this works.

Uplifting Karma

There are times when you are in a karmic flow which can be altered or uplifted into a higher pattern or a more graceful experience by connecting to the divine Light and allowing that to shift the situation. I have seen how this works time and time again, and have used it in my personal life as well as business. I can help you to be receptive to that higher possibility, share how it works, as well as giving you tools to apply so you can have a greater focus of Light and invite more Light into the situation for the uplifment of the karma.


Sometimes you can be open to metaphysical energies and take on things which are not yours. I can use clearing techniques and my own awareness and our connection to Spirit to help you clear what is not serving you.

Practical Experience

I have a great variety of life experience, study and observation which I can utlilize in my work with you. I’ve been close enough to see the inner workings of great leadership versus poor leadership. I had to personally deal with power struggles and personal animosities.  I’ve had spiritually profound experiences as well as trying to figure out how I was going to pay bills my business didn’t have the money at the time to pay. I’ve experienced plenty of failures and success in life, investing, relationships and business, and built (and sold) a successful jewelry company. I understand money and attraction from a spiritual framework and how that translates in a practical way in the world, in markets, in business and personally. I’ve traveled the world, seen intense poverty, experienced the world of extreme affluence, understanding the challenges of both very different worlds. I’ve lived on a vow of poverty (not owning any material possessions) and also dined with royalty and met world leaders. I’ve been exposed to and worked with the greatest alternative healers and cutting edge health modalities. I’ve learned a good deal of conventional medicine as well as some tactical medicine (emergency trauma care while receiving fire and returning fire), and I’ve gotten to surf some of the greatest surf areas in the world. I’ve had a very full life and many experiences to draw from when I work with you.

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Working with Nat has been a huge blessing.  I have received great value from his gentle, supportive coaching style.  He imbues the sessions with that something ‘extra’ that really inspires and I really trust his insights and wisdom.  I have learned some great tools for helping to envision the future I would like to see.  I am learning that big visions only need small incremental steps to make them real…. -RD

What I have learned is to “trust myself,” and that I am doing well for all I bit off to experience this time around. That is a big takeaway for me!  That it is ok to ask for assistance and that if I take care of me first, then I will be able to take care of others, minister to myself first.  -BE

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About my Programs

How does it work?

  1. You set a 30 minute intake meeting by clicking the “Schedule a Time with Nat” button below
  2. We will meet and discuss working together, finding the best program for you (see the 3 programs below)
  3. We start working together. Sessions are for 1hr over Zoom (Lighten Up Calls are via phone call)

Basic Program

  • Every other week
  • 1hr Session + Email support

Standard Program

  • Every week
  • 1hr Session + Email Support

“All In” Program

  • Every week
  • 1hr Session + 3 x 15min “Lighten Up” calls * + Email Support 

*Lighten Up calls are an opportunity to attune to the light together, place things in the light, re-focus on your purpose and get a boost of extra support from me.

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About me

I’m Nat. I’ve spent over two decades of my life in dedication to spiritual practices, including meditation and dream experience interpretation; prioritizing the integration of spiritual principles, tools, and techniques in my everyday life. From the age of seventeen, up until his death when I was thirty-four, I lived and worked with renowned spiritual teacher John-Roger (J-R), who personally taught and guided me in living a life of greater spiritual awareness. For many of those years, I lived on a Vow of Poverty, assisting J-R in many aspects of his work including his overseeing of multiple non-profit organizations he founded. In the last ten years, I co-founded and ran a successful fine jewelry company until selling it and moving into the work I do now.

I was blessed to live with and be a student of this great spiritual being. He showed me what it meant to have someone who is there for you, someone who has already been through it, someone who has your back and who will love you no matter what. As a way to honor him, I want to be there for others, supporting them in their greater spiritual awakening.

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