Episode 7: Redefining God

Nat Camping & Recording Episode 7 "Redefining God" with Trigger
I recorded this episode while camping near Santa Cruz with my dog, so it has a little different feel. Lately I've been speaking with people about God. Some are atheists and claim to not believe in God, others are religious and claim to believe in God. I find so much of the discussion revolves around belief or disbelief, yet there is no agreed upon definition of God. So, I discuss my view on letting go of beliefs and redefining God in a way that is more supportive to opening to the experience of That Which Is. I play an excerpt from John-Roger's seminar "Are You Getting Disillusioned" (full seminar available at msia.org) I also talk a bit about some hot and cold techniques I've used for health, injury recovery and weight loss. Enjoy!