Purpose Filters For Success: A Live Online Course With Nat

What if you could experience your higher purpose in your everyday life in practical and tangible ways?

    • If you are feeling un-inspired in your life, job or relationships
    • If you feel like you are struggling with all the changes taking place in the world and your life
    • If you would like support with living more from your higher purpose, deepening your connection to what is true, and successfully creating in alignment with your spiritual nature

Join the 3 Month Course:

Purpose Filters for Success

A Live Online Course with Nat

Each class is a self-exploration into practical applications of spiritual principles utilizing tools that can work in your life to create more success in alignment with your higher purpose, so you can experience greater joy, fulfillment and peace in your life.

Enroll Now for 3 Monthly Payments of $425 or Pay in Full $1200



    • Achieving meaningful success in alignment with your Soul’s purpose
    • Feeling inspired, joyful and enthusiastic in your life
    • Being invigorated in your life, relationships and career
    • Knowing your life has purpose and meaning



    • Gained material success, but feel unfulfilled?
    • Read many self-help books and studied spiritual truths, but weren’t able to tangibly apply them in your life?
    • Been studying spiritual teachings for years and know you can benefit from the support of a program and like-hearted community?
    • Are super clear in your spiritual awareness and “path” but struggle to manifesting material success into your life in ways that are aligned with that?

This is NOT:

    • A “get rich quick” class
    • Teaching you how to use spiritual techniques to “get everything you want”
    • How to have all that you desire

This is:

    • An opportunity to deepen your awareness of your true purpose
    • A loving environment to practice integrating practical tools based on spiritual truths into your everyday life
    • A way to experience greater success in your life that is aligned with your higher beingness

I designed Purpose Filters for Success, because I’ve found that material success without spiritual awareness is empty, and that you can create a fun, abundant and joyful life in line with spiritual principles. These are the same practices that I’ve use for myself and now I am ready to share them to you too.

Enroll Now for 3 Monthly Payments of $425 or Pay in Full $1200

3 Month Course includes:

Creating Your Personal Purpose Filters

    1. Intention
    2. Vision
    3. Goals

5 Modules to Successful Manifestations using your Purpose Filters

    1. Definiteness of direction
    2. Plan & Cooperate
    3. Self-confidence
    4. Enthusiasm & persistence
    5. Gratitude

6 x Zoom Calls. [1.5 hrs each over 3 months]

Enroll Now for 3 Monthly Payments of $425 or Pay in Full $1200

Course starts May 9th from 11am-12:30pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles)

**If you are unable to attend or miss a class for any reason, the recordings will be made available to you

Why I’m Sharing These Tools and Why They Are So Valuable

I spent the early years of my life working at the side of a great mystic and educator, John-Roger, learning and practicing spiritual principles, and teaching the inner path of awakening. I got to have the experience of living a life of purpose and meaning. 

The next phase of my life was spent in the business world. I grieved not having my job being the spiritual work that seemed so aligned with my purpose (at least that was my perception at the time). I longed for the inspiration of feeling like my work was meaningful and not just a grind.

I had to find a way to bring that spark back into my life so that I didn’t live a life of, as Thoreau said, “quiet desperation.”

So, I got to work persistently applying all the tools that I had learned during those decades with my teacher. I was looking for tangible results in this “real world” environment. Eventually, I found the special sauce. 

Once my awareness shifted, I found greater purpose, fun and fulfillment again without needing to change my outer work. I was so grateful for my life! Once I found the loving and happiness where I was, my life shifted again.

It was a tumultuous change in my life, and required me to once again really apply all the tools that I had found to work, which once again proved to me that this really works!

My life and work changed to what it is now: sharing how to integrate these spiritual principles in everyday life.

In this 3 month course, I have organized all these tools in a simple step by step format so that you can have the tools to live a life of purpose and success also. 

Invest in your success!

Enroll Now for 3 Monthly Payments of $425 or Pay in Full $1200


As a special bonus gift, you will receive a e-booklet that lays out the principles to Successful Manifestation in line with your Purpose… just for signing up. 

These are the principles upon which the course is built, and in the course you will learn the tools to apply the principles in this booklet.

Course Starts May 9th.

What people are saying about working with Nat:

“I have learned some great tools for helping to envision the future I would like to see.  I am learning that big visions only need small incremental steps to make them real…”


“The moment you shared how the quality is the driver for the intention, everything fell into place for me. BAM there it was all laid out. Click click click and in zero time it changed my whole perspective – IT came alive for me. After all of these years, I never quite got how quality fits in – and – on top of that I would struggle with the intention. Like “what is my intention?” I would just move into taking action steps. But to lay it out or,  build it out, into a formula – Intention + Vision + Goals =’s manifestation is brilliant.”


 I can’t explain it other than to say the grounding and the energy is really strong, and it feels great. I haven’t felt this in a long time.


Enroll Now for 3 Monthly Payments of $425 or Pay in Full $1200