Episode 61: Translating To A New Vibration

In this episode, I discuss tips for maintaining a positive focus and living life more fully by accepting your death including a technique for helping do that. I also plays a clip from a radio interview with John-Roger that gives a different perspective on what is happening with the pandemic (see the video of the clip below). For more support in maintaining that positive focus during this challenging time, sign up below for the free Masterclass

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It was marvelous and I loved every minute. -EC

About Nat

Nat has spent over two decades of his life in dedication to spiritual practices, including meditation and dream experience interpretation; prioritizing the integration of spiritual principles, tools, and techniques in everyday life. From the age of seventeen, up until his teacher's death when Nat was thirty-four, Nat lived and worked with renowned spiritual teacher John-Roger (J-R), who personally taught and guided him in living a life of greater spiritual awareness. For many of those years, he lived on a Vow of Poverty, assisting J-R in many aspects of his work including his overseeing of the multiple non-profit organizations he founded. In the last ten years, Nat co-founded and ran a successful fine jewelry company until selling it and moving into the work he does now of teaching how to integrate spiritual principles into everyday life through coaching, podcasting, speaking, online courses and live events.
I just want to share with you how Powerful your workshop was for me...I truly felt a huge shift during/after your workshop. Thank You for that experience.  I just wanted to let you know that I Loved it.  And I especially Loved that you actually had tangible tools and steps to do/take.   I resonate with that, and they were simple.  I've heard some before, however, when you put them all together, it began to shift inside of me.  -DH

Episode 60: 2020 Mid-Year Review

Back in December, I spoke of the coming year of 2020 including:

  • tearing down of organizational systems of government
  • tearing down of structures
  • changing of how we relate to each other as groups

It’s one thing to know it’s coming, and it’s another thing to live it! The latter is far more challenging.

I said the theme of 2020 was Solid Foundation and it was going to take a lot of acceptance and cooperation.

You can listen to that episode, number 47, here.

This episode (my 60th!!!!) is a review of where we are at and where we are headed for the remaining half of the year. I offer helpful keys for not only getting through, but strengthening your Solid Foundations over the coming months.

As always, I’m looking from the perspective of spiritual awakening and growth, living our purpose of transcendence as we move through this world.


Episode 59: Psychic Violence

It makes perfect sense why we have a pandemic today given the psychic violence frequencies we have been putting out and amplifying more and more over the past handful of years. We have created our own disease.

In order to stay healthy, it’s important to maintain a positive, loving and light consciousness, and to clear from our consciousness any of the psychic violence that we have allowed into us.

In this episode, I take a very in depth look at the subject of Psychic Violence. I use excerpts from John-Roger’s seminar of the same name (avail.  here), I work towards a greater understanding of the various expressions, as well as the tools to handling, dispersing, and clearing psychic violence.

Episode 57: Russell Bishop

I’m excited to share with you this interview of a pioneer in the personal development space, and the creator of Insight Seminars, Russell Bishop. We discuss a wide array of topics and delve into Russell’s view of what is taking place right now in the world, and how we can take a more transcendent approach.

We discuss our teacher and the founder of Insight Seminars, John-Roger (J-R), a lot during this interview. I’m doing an event soon about my experiences living, traveling and working with J-R. You can get more info on that here.


Episode 56: Stephen McGhee on Leadership in a Time of Crisis

In this interview with Stephen McGhee, he and I discuss leadership in a time of crisis. We talk about new ways of looking at leadership, and how people can demonstrate greater leadership in their daily lives. Stephen is at the forefront of mind-opening new directions in leadership. For the past 25 years, he has guided business executives and influential leaders across the globe, to go beyond self-imposed limitations to new levels of leadership.

Episode 55 Purpose Filters: God is Intention

In this episode, I look more in depth at intention, cooperation, persistence and planning in the context of manifesting using Purpose Filters. I share excerpts about this topic from John-Roger’s seminar “God is Intention” (avail. at msia.org).

These are concepts that we will be working with and applying in our lives during my upcoming Purpose Filters for Success 3 month course (which you can get here)

Episode 54: Pandemic Interviews: Death Discussion with Arlene Stepputat & Supporting Women’s Health with Rebecca Davies

This episode has two timely interviews for this time of pandemic, one with Arlene Stepputat (dyingingrace.com) and the other with Rebecca Davies (rebeccadaviesost.com).

Arlene is a death doula, and has assisted many people in the process of preparing for death and the actual transition. We look at our relationship to death as individuals and as a society, and how this pandemic is really bringing this discussion to the forefront.

Rebecca is a women’s health expert who has been working with women to address their specific issues during a time of worldwide lockdown. We discuss ways in which women can better support themselves and techniques for doing so.

Episode 53: Robert Waterman

In this interview, we discuss Robert’s view on all the shifts happening right now on the planet due to the pandemic. He really gives a wonderful reference point for how to see it, and practical, uplifting ways we can relate to the changes.

He also tells a great story (you know how I like stories!) about how taking part in psychological tests in the Army was a pivotal experience in moving onto his spiritual path.

In case you don’t know, Robert is an awesome spiritual educator and has been teaching courses and working directly with people (doing spiritual sessions and aura balances) for over 45 years. He is an author and a truly amazing consciousness, and I hope you enjoy his interview! You can get more about him here.

Episode 52: Storytime and Tools from Lockdown

In this episode, recorded in the lockdown due to the worldwide coronavirus response, I discuss the tools that I have found valuable during this time for dealing with an uncertain future and a challenging present, including the money magnet, clearing the consciousness, spiritual exercises, freeform writing and more. I tell stories from my life with my teacher, John-Roger, that shed light on how I learned those tools in the first place.