Episode 4: Jsu Garcia on Dreams

In the episode, Jsu and I look at how John-Roger (J-R) taught us, as part of our spiritual training, to use dreams.

I also talk about a simple tool that I has been using to loose weight and get healthy.

Jsu Garcia is an actor/writer/director/producer including making a documentary on John-Roger’s life called Mystical Traveler. Along with me, he lived and worked closely with J-R for many years. Most recently, he authored the book Love of a Master about his life with J-R.


Siri Khalsa: Life Lessons In The Back Of An Ambulance

Check out the latest episode with Siri Khalsa!!!

Siri is the former body guard to spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan, a medic in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, spent many years in an ambulance and on ski patrol, teaches tactical medicine to medical personnel, law enforcement and military/special forces. In this interview with Nat, Siri shares the lessons he has learned from life on the front lines. We also hear of a health recommendation from the secret hollywood health guru, Sat Hari.


Quick Start Guide to the Money Magnet

Magnetizing your Consciousness to Attract Wealth

The money magnet is simple yet effective tool to building greater wealth in alignment with spiritual principles. I learned it from my spiritual teacher, John-Roger, and now I’m going to share it with you. A lot of people seem to compartmentalize money separate from the spiritual aspects of their life. Surely, to have outer riches without inner wealth is leaves one with a sense of emptiness and lack. However, if you are reading this than you most likely are working towards greater inner wealth, and there is no reason why your outer wealth cannot be a reflection of your great inner wealth. Rather than try to separate our material life, there is an opportunity to integrate all aspects of our life into a higher way of living, including how we handle money.
The money magnet works by allowing your money to attract more money, and by your vibration being magnetized by this process and your money magnet so you attract greater abundance. You’ve probably heard the adage “It takes money to make money” or “the rich get richer, the poor get poorer”? These are just pointing to the principle that (generally speaking) like attracts like. You can see this by looking into the world. Usually, over time, those who are wealthy, gather in places where other wealthy people live. Luxury shops will open near other luxury shops. So how can we make this work for us?

Pay Yourself First

The first step is paying yourself first. Most people pay the rent, the bills, buy their groceries and maybe enjoy some entertainment…and then whatever is left over is theirs. We are going to turn that on its head and pay ourselves first. When you pay yourself first, you start building trust with the basic self or subconscious so that it realizes that you actually get something from all the hard work you are doing. You may find that you start attracting greater opportunity and are finding more ways to make money just because some part of you knows that it will benefit.


The magic number of how much to pay yourself is ten percent of whatever you bring home. Most people get a paycheck (often taxes may have been taken out already). It is ten percent of whatever you actually are paid or is deposited in your account, even if that’s after taxes. If you own a business, then it would be the amount your business actually pays you from the profits.


You pay yourself in cash. You don’t pay yourself with a check, that’s symbolic. You don’t put that money in a bank account, because now the bank makes money from your money. You don’t keep it in a safe deposit box because if the bank closes you don’t have access to it, and, again the bank now has your magnet… not you. That leads us to the next point.

Tangible, Accessible and Valuable

You keep your money magnet in tangible assets. Precious Metals (Gold/Silver) and cash are a good starting point. If you can’t trust yourself at first to not grab that cash that is on hand and spend it, then keep it in gold and/or silver. As you build your magnet, then add cash. As it gets larger and larger, there are other ways to use the magnet (some of which I go into in the podcast about the money magnet on iTunes here or listen below). The important thing to remember is that whatever you use your money magnet for needs to be tangible, accessible and valuable.
That’s the start. The most important way to know if this works is to do it!
Good luck!!!

A Humorous Take on Question 3

So, in my last post, I laid out for you three questions you can ask yourself when feeling captive by a situation (per John-Roger’s seminar). This is also a topic that I discussed in my podcast’s first episode.

It reminded me of a story which Siri (who’s interview will be available in Episode 3 of the podcast) told me was in the news a couple years back.

In case you forgot, question three is “What price am I willing to pay to get out of the situation I am in?”.

A man robbed a bank, handed the teller a note “I have a gun, give me money,” got the money and proceeded to take a seat and wait for police to arrest him.

When the police asked why he did it, he said he would rather be in jail than have to go back home and be with his wife.

Makes me laugh every time!!!!!

Now, I do NOT advocate doing things that harm you, others or that are illegal as a price to pay for getting out of a situation…and the judge seemed to make that point for me (keep on reading for the story’s punchline). It really is important to understand the foundational principle of all the work we do is to take care of ourselves, so we can help take care of others. It is about moving in a positive, uplifting direction. Being able to clear our “negative” emotions in a constructive, positive way. That is the basis upon which we do these exercises. So, if the price you are looking at paying is something that doesn’t align with taking care of yourself, or if you feel so trapped you are looking at doing something that would hurt yourself or others, that’s not what we are discussing here. Please get help from someone qualified to help, because others can often help us see the solutions we may not be able to see ourselves.

That being said, let’s get back to our bank robber who was arrested and brought before the judge. Do you think the judge gave him jail time as the man had wanted? I’m sure you’ve guessed that he didn’t.

This man provides a humorous example of choosing an unproductive price to pay…and to prove that, the judge sentenced him to 6 months of home confinement!!!!!

I guess it really didn’t work out for him. Instead of going to jail to get away from his wife, he was sentenced to 6 months with her. 

Now I’m really laughing!

So, when considering the price your willing to pay, remember to be clear on question 1 (If I didn’t have any of the things I feel trapped by, what would I do?). Its important to find a positive direction, one that will lead to your greater growth and expansion in your life.

Getting Un-Stuck from that Relationship, Job or Situation Where You Feel Captive

How many of us have had times in our lives where we’ve felt stuck in a situation in our lives that is no longer bringing us happiness and joy? I know I could raise my hand, both hands (and more hands than I have). It could be a job, a relationship, living conditions or any situation where we feel a captive. I found answers, or rather the right questions, in a seminar by John-Roger (J-R) called Nuclear Radiation from Ground Zero (the seminar is available here).

When you finally get sick and tired of being tired and sick, you can get to a place that J-R called ground point zero, where you are willing to pay the necessary price to get out of the situation. In that place, there is a new-clear energy that radiates. There is simple freedom and simple clarity.

Even if you haven’t reached that point yet, there are some questions you can ask yourself to get clarity. It may not solve your problem, but can give you a view point that is outside of your dilemma. Its an opportunity to be honest with yourself, so you can realize what it is that is stopping you from getting out of the situation and what it would be like if you were free of it.

Sometimes, just getting a greater understanding of where you actually are can start the process of change that you are looking for.

So here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. If I didn’t have (job, experience, degree, trade, wife/husband, kids, parents etc), if I didn’t have any of the things I feel trapped by, what would I do?

2. What is it that bothers me that makes me stay where I am when I feel a captive?

3. What price am I willing to pay to get out of the situation I am in?

As you contemplate the answers to these questions, or possibly write them down, you can find a deeper understanding of yourself and the situation you are dealing with.

You can listen to the Podcast on the subject on iTunes here or Google Play Music here