Working with Nat


Nat offers private sessions to assist people in awakening and realizing their true purpose and finding greater fulfillment and joy in life. He designs customized programs tailored to each individual's needs. 

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    Podcast Episodes

    Episode 64: Dream Awakenings – Transcendence vs. Control, Connection with Dead Loved Ones, Clearing Challenges & Remembering

    I share stories from my journey of awakening to my dreams, as well as the greater context of my approach to working with dreams. I also discuss finding connection and resolution with loved ones who have passed away, using dreams to help with clearing challenges, and I go into more depth on how to remember …

    About Nat

    Living with a Master 
    For nearly 20 years, Nathaniel lived, worked and travelled with renowned spiritual teacher John-Roger, who personally taught and guided Nathaniel in living a life of greater spiritual awareness.

    Journey to Spirit Realms 
    Decades of spiritual exercises, meditation, practicing spiritual priniciples, tools & techniques

     Participating Assisting Teaching 
    Hundreds of Seminars, Retreats, Workshops and Events

     Giving Up All Material Possessions 
    A decade of living on a Vow of Poverty

     Serving a Master 
    Assisting John-Roger in many aspects of his work including his overseeing multiple non-profit organizations he founded

    If it’s done in love, it will work.